Southwest Florida Distribution Business For Sale

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Southwest Florida Distribution Business

Southwest Florida Distribution Business For Sale

Distribution businesses for sale in Ft Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs -- all of Southwest Florida
American Business Brokers has an experienced, professional staff of intermediaries to assess and provide a valuation opinion of your Distribution Business for immediate sale.

American Business Brokers specializes in offering a pre-qualified, turn-key inventory of quality Businesses for acquisition.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Southwest Florida distribution business, we welcome your call today!  Let us assist you in completing your American Dream!

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A distribution business is a very profitable enterprise and is often, rightly or wrongly, referred to as a "wholesaler" and vice versa.


defines a business that buys in bulk from one or more producers or manufacturers then sells them at prices that allow for markup in retail outlets.


A distribution business acts as the middleman between manufacturers or wholesalers and retailers. The main differences between wholesale and distribution can be hazy, with the terms intertwining and often ending up as “wholesale distribution".

Great distribution businesses are an absolute necessity for a successful product and a lucrative industry for a motivated entrepreneur.


A wholesaler can specialize in one type of product, such as electrical wholesaling, or carry a variety of products.

Cash and Carry Wholesaler

A cash and carry wholesaler usually specializes in supplying small businesses like restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, etc. Customers purchase, on premise, from an outlet operated by the wholesaler, pay on the spot, and "deliver" the goods themselves. Some cash and carry wholesalers are even open to the public.


A distribution business can also act as warehouse and delivery for manufacturers. What a distribution business charges may differ from a wholesale model, depending on the agreement with the manufacturer.


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Distribution Wholesale business for sale

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